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Insurance, Home, and Life Services for Your Peace of Mind

Together with our partners, we’ll find the cover and everyday essentials you need to manage your finances efficiently.

Insurance Services Tailored to Your Needs

At Good2Go, we’re passionate about creating a one-stop-shop for investments, real estate, and personal finances. And as part of that commitment, we’re proud to offer a variety of insurance products at highly competitive prices.

We work tirelessly to develop relationships that directly enhance our clients’ financial health. By scouring the markets for the best home and life insurance products, we’re able to pass on significant savings to the people we represent.

Whether you’re searching for insurance advise or a low-priced policy from a respected provider, we’re here to help. Contact us today to discuss your coverage requirements in detail.

Insurance Providers:

Get Covered USA is a  well-established provider of life, auto and health insurance. Delivering customized insurance coverage since 2008, this respected brand specializes in tailored insurance solutions in several US states, including

  • Florida
  • New Jersey
  • Georgia
  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Pennsylvania
  • Michigan
  • Virginia

With more than 6,000 clients spread across 25n states, Universal Life & Health delivers insurance products for the auto, business, and home sectors under the brand name Get Covered USA.

To find out more about our trusted insurance, click the link below.

Home & Life Services:

We have established a nationwide network of established providers to give our clients access to high-quality, competitively-priced home and life services. We’re helping people to beat the cost of living crisis and reduce their monthly expenses by introducing them to the best utility services on the market.

  • Health Sharing Programs
  • Home Security Systems
  • Cable, Streaming & Internet (Single or Bundle Packages)
  • Cellular Services
  • Identity Protection
  • Payment Processing

To cut the cost of essential services at home and in your day-to-day life, learn more about our preferred home and lifes services partners here.

Credit Repair Services

Repairing your credit rating can have profoundly positive effects on your personal finances, investment opportunities, and ability to secure a home loan. In partnership with Credit Repair Resources, we’re giving our clients a pathway to a better credit rating and a brighter financial future.

Chad Kusner and Bob Willis used their vast experience in the mortgage lending and litigation industries to create a firm dedicated to credit repair. This referral-based business specializes in helping people secure the financing required to buy homes and start businesses.

CRR can help you repair your credit rating through a series of steps and strategies.

Late Payments

Inaccurate or late payments can wipe 130 points from your credit score.


Unnecessary or wrongful court judgements can lead to wage garnishment and long-term credit problems.


Failing to declare or misreport a bankruptcy can drastically reduce your chances of securing the finance you need.

Invalid Items

If your credit report includes data from other people, corrections must be made as quickly as possible in order to protect your score.


Any collections and charge-offs linked to you must be verified, timely, and collectible.


Modified mortgages can be reported as foreclosure to credit rating agencies — significantly affecting your ability to borrow.

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