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  1. Collecting Rent

    • Ensure timely collection of rent payments from tenants.
  2. Setting Rent

    • Determine appropriate rental rates based on market analysis and property condition.
  3. Screening Tenants

    • Thoroughly screen prospective tenants by conducting credit checks, criminal background checks, income verification, and rental history validation.
  4. Property Maintenance

    • Evaluate, monitor, and oversee property maintenance activities, including repairs and upkeep, in collaboration with maintenance crews and vendors.
  5. Managing Budgets

    • Provide budgeting and accounting services to ensure financial management of the property, including secure payment processing through auto pay cycles.


  • Background Screening: Conduct comprehensive background checks on prospective tenants.
  • Listing & Marketing: Evaluate rental rates, create listing packages, and market rental properties for maximum exposure.
  • Rental Lease Preparation: Prepare rental leases using board-certified formats and coordinate eviction services when necessary.
  • Payroll & Tax Services: Facilitate access to personal portal systems for documentation, online bill pay, and invoicing for landlords and tenants.
  • Emergency Maintenance: Respond to repair requests within 24 hours, with emergency requests addressed within 1-2 hours between 6am-11pm EST.

Our property management responsibilities extend beyond daily tasks, ensuring prompt resolution of issues to maintain property value and tenant satisfaction. Contact us today to maximize the potential of your investment property.

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